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Who we are and why we're here.

About Sierra.

What does Sierra do?

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Sierra is the conversational AI platform for businesses. We enable every company to elevate their customer experience with AI.

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Who are Sierra’s founders?

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Bret Taylor
Bret is Co-Founder of Sierra. Most recently, he served as Co-CEO of Salesforce. Prior to Salesforce, Bret founded Quip and was CTO of Facebook. He started his career at Google, where he co-created Google Maps. Bret serves on the board of OpenAI.

Clay Bavor
Clay is Co-Founder of Sierra. Previously, Clay spent 18 years at Google, where he most recently led Google Labs. Earlier, he started and led Google’s AR/VR effort, Project Starline, and Google Lens. Before that, Clay led the product and design teams for Google Workspace.

The Sierra team working in San Francisco

What are Sierra's values?

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Our core values are trust, customer obsession, craftsmanship, intensity, and family.


We build trust with our customers with our accountability, empathy, quality, and responsiveness. We build trust in AI by making it more accessible, safe, and useful. We build trust with each other by showing up for each other professionally and personally, creating an environment that enables all of us to do our best work.

Customer Obsession

We deeply understand our customers’ business goals and relentlessly focus on driving outcomes, not just technical milestones. Everyone at the company knows and spends time with our customers. When our customer is having an issue, we drop everything and fix it.


We get the details right, from the words on the page to the system architecture. We value good taste. When we notice something isn’t right, we take the time to fix it. We are proud of the products we produce. We continuously self-reflect to continuously self-improve.


We know we don’t have the luxury of patience. We play to win. We care about our product being the best, and when it isn’t, we fix it. When we fail, we talk about it openly and without blame so we succeed the next time.


We know that balance and intensity are compatible, and we model it in our actions and processes. We strive to be the best technology company for parents. We support and respect each other, and we celebrate each other’s personal and professional achievements.

See what Sierra can do for you.

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