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Transform customer service with conversational AI.

Delight your customers while dramatically improving business outcomes.

iPhone screen featuring Sierra AI agent helping a customer change their hotel reservation check-in time using natural, conversational language.

Beyond Q&A

Conversational AI isn’t just about answering questions. With Sierra, your AI agent takes action to solve your customers’ problems, improving self-service resolution rate and average handle time.

  • Use your expertise

    Your agent is informed by your knowledge base, and guided by your company’s policies and brand guidelines, enabling it to make informed decisions.

  • Take action, instantly

    Your agent is connected to your systems of record - from your order management system to your CRM - so it can take action on your customer’s behalf, from processing an exchange, scheduling a delivery, updating a subscription, or changing a reservation.

  • Empower your teams

    When your agent can’t solve your customer’s problem, it collects critical information and delivers a detailed summary to your customer service teams, preparing them to effectively manage escalations.

Anytime and anywhere

Your AI agent is up-to-date, delivering customer service anytime and anywhere to dramatically lower your response time.

Conversational chat between a customer and an AI agent for a yoga studio scheduling a last minute class
  • Around-the-clock

    AI agents are available to handle customers' questions any time of day. Customers can put the conversation on hold if life takes them elsewhere, and your agent can pick up where they left off, later.

  • Always-ready

    AI agents are easy and low-cost to update, whether there is a new product to highlight, a new promotion to offer, or a new policy to follow.

  • Scalable

    When you experience surges in consumer demand, Sierra scales up effortlessly, ensuring a smooth experience with plenty of capacity.

Dharam Rai, SVP of Customer Success at Sonos, sitting on a couch smiling
Dharam RaiVP Customer Experience, Sonos
With Sierra, AI agents engage with empathy, remembering the context and relevance of past comments. This has humongous value in terms of reducing customer effort and creating a better experience.

Always improving

Your agent is constantly learning from interactions, continuously improving, and keeping your team in-the-loop.

  • Live summaries

    Review actionable activity summaries across all conversations as they happen. Sophisticated pattern recognition allows you to spot small problems before they grow, whether identifying a common product question or flagging a shipping delay.

  • Automatic tagging

    Sierra tags and categorizes each conversation, making it easy to track success and see what your customers are interested in most.

  • Integrated quality assurance

    Monitor your AI agent's performance in real-time and make necessary adjustments. Sierra automatically flags conversations so your customer experience teams can focus on the interactions that need extra attention.

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