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Get going with Agent OS.

In the age of conversational AI, every company needs an agent. Agent OS makes it easy.

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Build your own agent

Today’s consumers expect to have engaging, personalized conversations. Agent OS makes it easy and fast to build an AI agent that engages customers on behalf of your business.

Agents are software systems that use AI for reasoning, decision making, and dialogue, enabling interactions that are creative and intelligent. With Agent OS, your business can leverage the latest research on autonomous agents in addition to unique capabilities that make AI safe for business.

Agents built on Agent OS are:

  • Grounded with your brand, knowledge and processes
  • Capable of sophisticated, multi-step workflows
  • Able to securely access external systems to gather data and take action
  • Self-supervising and able to stay on-brand and on-topic

Define your brand, knowledge and goals

Your AI agent acts as an extension of your company, enabling you to deliver authentic, engaging customer experiences.

  • Your company’s voice and tone

    From tailored greetings to predefined behaviors, agents personalize every interaction while reinforcing your brand.

  • Your knowledge and expertise

    Ground your agent with your knowledge and processes, enabling it to understand the context of every conversation and respond instantly and creatively.

  • Your goals and guardrails

    Assign goals and objectives to your agent, and encourage it to drive to specific options. Define boundaries to ensure your agent stays on-topic and makes appropriate decisions.

Empower developers to innovate, fast

Developers can use the Agent Software Developers Kit (Agent SDK) to develop and deploy agents.

Composable skills

Developers compose AI agents by mixing-and-matching skills - like workflow, triage, respond, and confirm - into complex workflows that agents can execute for a specific use case.

Declarative development

Developers can declaratively define agent functionality without being an expert in large language models or prompt engineering. You define the "what" while Agent OS figures out the “how.”

Connect AI to your entire business

Agent OS delivers secure, real-time integrations across your systems of record, from commerce platforms to CRM, to your homegrown systems.

  • Knowledge retrieval

    AI agents understand when and where to locate information, from account information to order history, Q&A documents to corporate policies.

  • Real-time action

    AI agents can take action on behalf of your customers via secure, real-time integrations to your systems of record.

Orchestrate across multiple systems, knowledge sources, and AI models

You define the goal. Agent OS coordinates the resources needed to accomplish it.

Executing complex, multi-step workflows can be beyond the capabilities of even the most sophisticated AI models, and often requires interacting with multiple systems and sources of knowledge. Agent OS orchestrates across all of these seamlessly.

Agent OS breaks down high-level goals and processes into smaller steps, and coordinates access to resources needed to solve a given task. Agents can access knowledge and key systems as needed, and draw on a constellation of AI models for planning, decision making, response generation, self-evaluation, and more.

The result is an AI agent that can make contextual decisions, take the appropriate action, and respond with meaningful, helpful language.

Supervision, security and auditing

To mitigate risks inherent in the non-deterministic nature of LLMs, Sierra wraps LLMs in supervisory layers to reduce hallucinations, ensure security, and prevent abuse.

Data governance and privacy

Protect your data and maintain compliance.

Your data is your own

Agent OS enforces strict data separation between customers. Information that you provide to inform your agent’s behavior, like your knowledge base, unstructured documents, and guides, is stored in your own, private Sierra workspace. Anything stored or built within your workspace is never shared with any other company – this space is distinctly your own.

Private data stays private

Agent OS detects and masks customers’ personal information (PII), like Social Security numbers and credit card details, ensuring their privacy. Real-time integrations with your company’s systems of record ensure that sensitive data is only accessed on an as-needed basis, ensuring data integrity.

Train your agent – and nothing else

Your data will never be used to train models for use by anyone other than you for your AI agent. Your data will only ever be used to build your company’s agent and to benefit you. Period.

Forward-thinking and backwards compatible

Up to Date image describing backwards compatability

The Agent OS architecture embraces the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, with a strict commitment to backwards compatibility. We ensure a seamless transition for all customers and guarantee existing functionalities remain fully accessible.

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