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Strike up a new type of conversation

Since the advent of the Internet, technology has transformed how businesses interact with their customers. A company’s website in 1995 may have simply been a digital business card, directing customers to a phone number or retail location. Today, that same site likely encompasses the entire customer experience – from commerce to support.

Each wave of new technology since has dramatically changed consumer behavior and expanded companies’ digital footprint. Social networks enabled consumer brands to connect with customers via their profile page. Later, as smartphones became ubiquitous, many companies’ mobile apps became their primary customer experience.

We’re now in the midst of the most important and rapid consumer technology shift in a generation – conversational AI. ChatGPT reached 100 million users in just two months, faster than any consumer product in history. The advances in AI that power ChatGPT have for the first time enabled software that can reason, create, and understand language, transforming software from the rigid, rule-based systems that we associate with computers to flexible and creative experiences that are already enjoyed by millions of people around the world.

Conversational AI is so intuitive and frictionless, we believe it will have an impact on your customer experience on par with the Internet. In the age of conversational AI, the best customer experience is not installing an app or clicking a link, but simply having a conversation.

To enable conversational AI for your business, you need a new type of software: an AI agent.

Every company needs an agent

Agents are autonomous, AI-powered software systems that can interact directly with consumers to solve problems and take action on their behalf. The concept of an agent has its roots in academia, but for consumer brands, agents represent something simple: an opportunity to create an always-on, delightful, conversational customer experience for everything from support to retail, recommendations, subscription management, and more.

At Sierra, we’re building the conversational AI platform for businesses, enabling every company – including yours – to build their own agent.

We’ve had the privilege of partnering with some of the world’s leading consumer brands to build the Sierra platform, including WeightWatchers, SiriusXM, Sonos, and OluKai.

Sima Sistani, CEO, WeightWatchers
Sima Sistani, CEO, WeightWatchers
We're going to grow in ways that resonate with a more digitally forward consumer, and a key part of that will be embracing AI to help improve the member experience.
Sima Sistani, CEO, WeightWatchers

WeightWatchers is a global leader in weight health, creating a worldwide community connected by healthy habits. The WeightWatchers agent has become an extension of the WeightWatchers team, helping members make informed meal choices, manage memberships, and more. The WeightWatchers agent is already successfully handling almost 70% of customer sessions – with a remarkable 4.6/5 customer satisfaction score.

Kerry Konrady, Chief Marketing Officer, OluKai
Kerry Konrady, Chief Marketing Officer, OluKai
Sierra enables us to scale and reach more customers, all while using our voice, delivering white glove service, and creating the Aloha experience.
Kerry Konrady
Chief Marketing Officer, Olukai

Founded in 2005, OluKai stands out as the only Hawaiian-inspired brand crafting lifestyle and footwear for discerning, active consumers. OluKai’s agent was up and running in time for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday holiday surge, enabling OluKai to scale their trademark Aloha Experience at their busiest time of year – handling over half of all customer cases with empathy, authenticity, and care.

We could not be more excited to release the Sierra platform widely and enable every company in the world to elevate their customer experience with this remarkable new technology.

AI that is sophisticated, authentic, and trustworthy

Putting conversational AI in front of your customers is no easy task. Large language models can hallucinate, misrepresent your brand, and misguide your customers. Meeting compliance standards requires additional tooling for auditing, inspection, and protecting personally identifiable information. And customers want more than just answers to questions. They want to track their package, recover their account, or exchange a product – which requires securely integrating with your order management system, your CRM, and all the other systems of record that power your customer experience.

These are the problems we’re solving at Sierra. Our enterprise-grade platform is powerful, easy to deploy, and capable of creating AI agents that are sophisticated, authentic, and trustworthy.

Sophisticated — Sierra agents can do so much more than just answer questions. They take action using your systems, from upgrading a subscription in your customer database to managing the complexities of a furniture delivery in your order management system. Agents can reason, problem solve, and make decisions. With Sierra, you set goals to guide your agent towards the right solutions and guardrails to ensure your agent stays on-point and aligned with your policies. No workflow or process is too complex.

Authentic — Sierra agents use natural language and sophisticated reasoning to create conversational interactions that are authentic, satisfying, and on-brand. Agents understand jargon, typos, and context to communicate in language with consideration and empathy, adapting to each customer's specific needs and emotions. And Sierra agents can communicate effortlessly in the language of your customers’ choice for experiences that are personalized and inclusive.

Trustworthy — The Sierra platform includes powerful auditing and quality assurance tools to ensure that you can understand the reasoning behind every interaction. When a Sierra agent accesses any system of record, those interactions are deterministic, ensuring your agent always adheres to your security policies and access controls. The Sierra platform also enforces strict data governance, protecting your customers personal information, and ensuring that your company’s data stays your own.

The Sierra platform enables you to build an AI agent that represents your company at its best. Your agent will craft a personalized experience for every customer, answering nuanced questions about your products and services. Your agent will help customers navigate complexity, make better decisions, and solve problems. And it will be available to anyone, at a moment’s notice, every hour, every day of the year.

Partner with us

Sierra exists for one purpose: to empower you to delight your customers with conversational AI. We are so grateful to the companies that took a leap of faith to partner with us to build this platform. We would love the opportunity to bring the delight we’ve seen in WeightWatchers members, SiriusXM listeners, Sonos customers, and the OluKai `Ohana to your customers.

If you’d like to learn more, check out our website,, or reach out directly to set up a demo.

To our families, mentors, friends, colleagues, partners, and customers, thank you.

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